Change is Difficult. Selling Shouldn’t Be.

Fitting the puzzle pieces of home selling together in an entirely new way!

Your Premier Listing Brokerage

  • Does the thought of downsizing overwhelm you?
  • Is your goal to receive top dollar for your home?
  • Are you looking for an experienced REALTOR® that always has your best interest?
  • Are you having difficulty finding the best housing option for YOU?
  • Does your home need updating or maintenance prior to listing?
  • Do you need funding to cover the costs of updates or your new home?

…if you answered yes to any of the above questions, we are the brokerage for you!

The Dovetail Difference

At Dovetail Real Estate Group, we have a proven method that results in success for our mature sellers. Our process allows you to focus on the emotional aspects of your move while we manage, prepare and sell your home.
We have dedicated our careers to supporting older adults as they transition from their long-time homes. We understand the challenges you may face when planning and executing a move of this magnitude and with an ever-growing number of brokerages to choose from, it is crucial for you to find the one that best fits your unique needs.

A seller’s needs vary greatly from those of a buyer. In response to this, we have created your Premier Listing Only Brokerage, ensuring our responsibilities lie solely with you, the seller.
As your Premier Listing Agents, Seniors Real Estate Specialists® and Sellers Representative Specialists®, we have the experience and expertise needed to market your property to all potential buyers, thus increasing your home’s exposure within the marketplace.
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